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Tom Waits Bad As Me Due in October, Hear The Title Track Today

Good news for lovers of gravelly-voiced eccentric songwriters: There's a new Tom Waits album coming down the pipe.

It's called Bad As Me and drops on October 25, courtesy Anti- Records, Waits' home for the past decade.

The title track hit both iTunes and Amazon for download today, and it's perfectly skewed, positioned somewhere between the Cubano twists of Rain Dogs and the monstrous stomps of Mule Variations.

This'll be Waits' first studio album since 2004's stellar Real Gone.

Since then fans have had to make do with a comprehensive three-disc collection of rarities and B-sides and a two-disc live record.

Real Gone saw Waits step away from the piano, the instrument most associated with his boozy, heartbroken troubadour persona. Bad As Me looks to continue the evolution of Waits' eclectic sound, with Waits' site promising "cinematic soundscapes," "blues burners" and a "barroom chorale."

Check out snippets from the album in this hilarious video, hosted by the man himself:

Bad as Me's track listing is:

1. Chicago 2. Raised Right Men 3. Talking at the Same Time 4. Get Lost 5. Face to the Highway 6. Pay Me 7. Back in the Crowd 8. Bad as Me 9. Kiss Me 10. Satisfied 11. Last Leaf 12. Hell Broke Luce 13. New Year's Eve 14. She Stole the Blush (deluxe-edition bonus track) 15. Tell Me (deluxe-edition bonus track) 16. After You Die (deluxe-edition bonus track)

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