Tool in 140 Characters or Less

Most Tool fans at U.S. Airways Center last night were more focused on the stage than their phones, trying their best to take in the laser show -- or get a glimpse of enigmatic frontman Maynard James Keenan as he lurked in the shadows -- instead of texting their friends. There were some Twitterers at last night's concert though, producing an assortment of tweets we culled these from. By the way, you can check out our official review here.

@Sheussliche: Tool just played stinkfist and 46&2 back to back

@thebasicblues: at the TOOL show, they suck!

@bretvesely: Tool goes on at 8:30 and beer sales cut off at 9? WTF?

@jenkitty: My fave part of any Tool show is hearing Aenima in Arizona, that was epic!

@ashdiesel: Tool concert is incredible.

@Tleinaz: We met steve, good guy hooked us before tool concert. Tool is zepplelin on really good weed from Seattle. Or so I've heard.

@Jayd408: Tool fucking rocks, lovin the song line up!

@Clintus: so far Tool is crushing it. they have a very interesting stage setup where @mjkeenan is placed in shadows towards the back.

@TheLifeOfJade: Saw Tool tonite...It was awesome but left some to be desired. No Wing for Marie which saddens me. Aenmia and 46&2 sounded awesome.

@Blacklist_Da: Tool. Was. Amazing.

@cuthbrt: Just got home from the tool concert, good show but not as good as the one at cricket pavilion in 06, mostly due to the set list

@sailor_v: just got back from the tool concert! it was amazing! got backstage passes and met the drummer. none of the other band members came out.

@templestark: Tool concert, for a band I'd somehow avoided & didn't know much about - they rocked it tonight. May roadtrip to CA 2 see 'em late August.

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