Top 10 Weed Raps Of All Time (With Video)

In a few months,

 medical marijuana will be legally available in the state of Arizona.

Come spring, Proposition 203 will go into effect and a new era will begin -- one where many, many sick people will receive the remedy that their ailment necessitates. That new era will also create a time when loafing, bong-clad stoners will undoubtedly obtain bogus prescriptions so that they can smoke their sinsemilla free from fear and criminal consequence.

To some, this approaching time is reprehensible. To bong-bearing stoners, it's utterly righteous bro'. No matter what side of the fence you find yourself on, you can surely agree on one thing: weed and rap music go together like Arizona and political controversy.

So what better way to ring in the Prop 203 era than to construct a list of the Top 10 Weed Rap Songs? If you smoke, roll one up, spark it and kick back.

Here are the Top 10 Weed Rap Songs of all time.

10. Afroman - "Because I Got High"

Afroman was going to have a rap career after this smash hit but then you know... he got high. Now he lives in a van. Hate it or love it, the mainstream success enjoyed by "Because I Got High," places it in the Top 10 weed rap tunes of all time. Psttt, hey, do you think Clear Channel let this get to number 13 on Billboard's radio charts back in 2001 because it warned kids of the demotivating side effects of marijuana? Nah. You're just paranoid.

9. Dead Prez - "Twenty"

Dead Prez is sort of like your friend who gets high and then spouts off conspiracy theories. Always trying to drop some knowledge, stic.man and M-1 take "Twenty" as an opportunity to teach smokers how a twenty sack gets into their pocket.

8. Master P - "Pass Me Da Green"

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Master P didn't really adopt an angle with this song, unlike most artists on this list. That's a testament to the stellar production by Craig B. Master P just sort of threw some assorted thoughts about weed over a dramatic beat that samples deep inhalations and coughing. The result is a hazy southern ode to that sticky green stuff.

7. Cypress Hill - "Dr. Greenthumb"

All those other rappers constantly talk about how they smoke a shit load of weed. Enough already, we get it: You live to get high. Some might even talk about selling it, but on "Dr. Greenthumb" Cypress Hill delves into the plant's cultivation.

6. RBL Posse - "Don't Give Me No Bammer"

If Dead Prez is your paranoid pal, than RBL Posse is the weed snob in your crew. The song's catchy chorus -- don't give me no bammer weed, we don't smoke that shit in the S-F-C -- launched the careers of Black C and Mr. Cee in 1991. Fueled by the hit single and a vibrant bay area rap scene, the duo went on to become underground rap sensations until Mr. Cee's murder in 1996.

5. Three 6 Mafia - "Where's da Bud?"

Late in their careers, "Stay High" -- aka radio edit, "Stay Fly" -- would uplift the "most known unknown" rap crew from the underground and place them in the mainstream. But they had been making herb-tinged music long before 2005. Their catalogue includes countless weed tracks but the most notable remains 1997's haunting underground hit "Where's da Bud?" Listening to this classic, you can almost see Lord Infamous's eyes rolling into the back of his head as he gropes around, searching for a plastic bag of weed like a blunt-fueled zombie.

4. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - "Weed Song"

The no nonsense title and distinct sound make the "Weed Song" a good choice to represent Bone Thugs' expansive weed-related catalogue. With their characteristic choir-like approach, the Cleveland crew celebrates, if not worships, Mary Jane. The positive vibes exuded by this song make you wonder: Why, again, was this stuff illegal for so long?

3. Devin The Dude - "Doobie Ash Tray"

Devin The Dude is the uncontested king of stoner-rap. Narrowing down his collection to include just one weed song is akin to asking Devin what time of day he enjoys smoking the most. Oh well, here it is. Devin shares a down and out ballad about hitting rock bottom and "resorting to getting high" in order to ease the pain. Yet when Devin reaches for his bud, it's all gone with the rest of his fortune. Don't worry though, this tale has a happy ending.

2. X-Raided and Lunasicc - "Wanna Get High?"

X-Raided apparently wrote this song while facing trial for a homicide, for which he was eventually convicted. Lunasicc recorded and sang the lyrics on "Wanna Get High?" since X-Raided could only record vocals over a pay phone from jail. Circumstances aside, it's a sexy weed joint and an essential song on any stoner-rap fan's iPod.

1. The Luniz feat. Michael Marshall - "I Got 5 On It"

If you go half on sack today you will need more than $5. And if you go half on a government-approved, genetically-engineered sack of medical marijuana, prepare to show some ID and a prescription. With "I Got 5 On It," Krumskull, Yukmouth and Michael Marshall captured a simpler time when getting high only required gathering some friends, pooling a few dollars and risking one to seven years in the state penitentiary.

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