Top 10 "Weird" Al Yankovic Parodies (with Video)

The prince of parodies, "Weird" Al Yankovic, will be riffing on songs new and old tonight (Friday, June 10) in Chandler. With a career that spans more than 30 years and 150 songs (parodies and originals), it might be hard for Yankovic to whittle down his set list.

If we had our druthers, "Weird" Al would at least perform the following ten parodies - which, in our not-so-humble opinion - are his best.

10. "Smells Like Nirvana"
A straight-up riff off Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video, complete with sepia tones, cheerleaders with hairy armpits, and Yankovic in a blond wig - what's not to love?

9. "Another One Rides the Bus" Yankovic's parody of Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust" is made doubly hilarious by swapping out John Deacon's iconic bass line for an accordion riff.

8. "The Saga Begins"
Star Wars fans got it right away, and appreciated it, and non-Star Wars fans could keep laughing along, too.

7. "Yoga"
See above.

6. "White & Nerdy"
This parody of "Ridin'" By Chamillionaire and Krayzie Bone includes references to playing Dungeons & Dragons, editing Wikipedia, and other stereotypically nerdy stuff. Seeing Yankovic with corn row braids and grills is pretty funny, too.

5. "Eat It"
One of two Michael Jackson parodies to make it onto this list. And Jackson reportedly found the lyrics amusing. Grammy voters were so impressed they gave Yankovic a Best Comedy Recording Grammy in 1984.

4. "Like a Surgeon"
Back when Madonna was all new and controversial, Yankovic was there to remind us that "Like a Virgin" was no sacred cow.

3. "You're Pitiful"
Unfortunately, there's no official video for this parody of James Blunt's "You're Beautiful," because Atlantic Records refused to let Yankovic release the song on an album (it was released online in 2006).

2. "Trapped in the Drive-Thru"
This hilarious send-up of R. Kelly's ridiculously long hip-hopera, "Trapped in the Closet," features one of the most ridiculous arguments ever, and its own "surprise" resolution.

1. "Fat"
Yankovic's at his best in this parody of Michael Jackson's "Fat." Hell, any song that requires you to wear a fat suit and grab your inflated crotch is worth a giggle or two.

"Weird" Al Yankovic is scheduled to perform at 8 p.m. Friday, June 10, in the Ovations Live! Showroom at Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino. For more information, call 800-946-4452.

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