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Top 8 Girls in 'American Idol' Provide Little More than a Snooze-Fest

Maybe it's because I'm a heterosexual female, but I enjoy watching the guys on this season of American Idol way more than the girls, and I don't even enjoy watching the guys that much.

Ouch, you say? Well, if you've been watching the top 24 in action at all since the show moved to the big studio, you'd see that for the most part, the contestants in 2010 lack experience, confidence and creativity. And for what could be the last season of the show as Simon Cowell
leaves, that makes me very, very sad.

Let's start with the performances that really disappointed. Sadly, there weren't any super-trainwreck moments (that's what Paula Abdul was for, I guess), just mediocre blandness. Katie Stevens, teenager-going-on-middle-ager, had no personality, sang really deep and dressed like she was going to a parent-teacher conference, and she will be in the Bottom Three.

She'll be joined by Paige Miles, who did a horribly shaky and all-over-the-place version of "Smile," which no one in the audience was doing during her vocals. Sadly, Katelyn Epperly also will be in the Bottom Three, since her performance of Carole King's "I Feel the Earth Move" was boring at best. I think her hair power will help Epperly stay until the Top 12, though.

The judges seem to think Crystal Bowersox is the best of the girls, and while she's good, that's really just the patchouli clouding their impressions. The real stand-out is Didi Benami, who, despite appearing sort of mousy, has a beautiful, delicate voice and a talent for changing up melodies slightly but not disastrously. I'd love to see her go far, along with Siobhan Magnus, who is just so weird, you never know what she's going to say...or wear.

Unfortunately, Lacey Brown will slide by because she sang Brandi Carlile's "The Story" pretty decently, even though it's an extremely easy song to sing, and Lilly Scott will also stay because, hey, she once lived in a car, and if there's anything AI loves, it's a sob story.

All I know is, I really wish one of the girls had rocksed a onesie. At least that would have been semi-exciting.

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Nicki Escudero
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