Welcome to another installment of Up on the Sun's 2011 Review. We've been counting down our favorite songs, shows, national and local releases of 2011. This installment takes a look at 2011's some of the most memorable music stories from 2011. Enjoy!

Well kids, another year of local music has come and gone. Suffice to say that this year was a bit... weird, thanks in part to certain 97-year-old vampires who are fond of girls of a certain age group. 

Top Five Local Music News Stories of 2011

But beyond creeperdom, 2011 was quite an exciting year for us here in the Valley. We had a few controversies, some monumental concert announcements and sprung up an extra special concert venue. Here are our top five local music news stories from 2011. 

The Harlem-based rapper knows a thing or two about sticking up for the little man. The ongoing Sound Strike is just the sort of thing that the Peruvian-born MC would latch onto. As his press release said, "The boycott strategy has been the most effective and successful effort against the winds of hatred blowing through the State of Arizona." That may or may not be true, but the rapper certainly had quite a bit to say at his November 18 show at the Puente offices in Phoenix. 

After over a decade and a half of not playing Valley shows, we were convinced that Radiohead would never play our dusty desert town again. But then we were thrown a curve ball. The English rockers dropped the news November 7 that they would be playing Jobing.com Arena on March 15. When general admission tickets went on sale November 12, the thrill (and terror) of ticket buying came back from the dead. From the moment the tickets went on sale, fans were forced to wait in a "virtual line." Floor tickets sold out nearly instantly. 

We had high hopes for Crescent Ballroom when we first heard speculation that it was Stateside Presents' home venue. And, not surprisingly, the venue lived up to the hype. Charlie Levy's venue, a 300-body project in the heart of downtown Phoenix, brought back everything we loved about the downtown music scene when Modified Arts was flourishing. Since its October opening, the venue has hosted bands like St. Vincent, Iron and Wine, Blitzen Trapper and more. And frankly, it gives us huge hopes for the future. 

In January, the "Morning Mayor" vowed to return to Phoenix radio and on August 15, he actually did. Taking on X103.9's alternative rock format, the shock jock shocked again as he managed to keep his show fresh and youthful for the station's under 40 crowd. 

When Eastside Records closed in December 2010, Phoenix audiophiles lost something special. For a limited time, Michael Pawlicki has resurrected the magic with The Ghost of Eastside Records, which opened its doors on December 16, just a few doors down from Tempe's Yucca Tap Room. Get in while you still can. Ghost will only be open 6 months. That means half a month of record rummaging has already flown by.
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