Top Five Phoenix Music Stories of the Week

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The news waits for no one -- at least that's what we read somewhere -- so it's perfectly understandable that you, the reader, might have missed out on a musical tidbit, breaking news about your favorite venue, or one of our rants.

So enjoy this digest-style sampling of some of our biggest stories from the week of November 5th-9th

DJ Intel on the Furious Styles Crew's Anniversary and How He Wanted to Be Obama's Mixmaster on Election Night

There are many perks involved with being a DJ: Complimentary booze, free schwag, the adoration of hundreds at gigs, and (depending on the particular selector or promoter) possibly a nice payday.

Then there are the more unusual bonuses, like the one that DJ Intel got recently at The Monarch Theatre. The Chicago-based selector, who travels to Phoenix annually for the anniversary celebrations put on by the Valley's renowned hip-hop/b-boy collective Furious Styles Crew, was chillaxing backstage at the club with five ladies sporting bikinis.

He'd performed earlier for the kickoff night of FSC's six-day party and got to decorate each of the half-naked beauties with body paint along with Edson "House" Magana and other members of the crew.

Nice work if you can get it. Read the full interview here.

--Benjamin Leatherman

Les Claypool's Duo de Twang and Deer Tick Added to McDowell Mountain Music Festival 2013

Do you hear that? Off in the distance? It's the sound of a bass guitar being slapped. Furiously slapped.

That's kinda what Les Claypool (Primus, Oysterhead, Frog Brigade) does, and I'm betting that's what he'll be doing with his Duo de Twang (Claypol plus MIRV) on Sunday, March 24. The act has been added to the McDowell Mountain Music Festival 2013 lineup, joining previously announced bands The Roots, Balkan Beat Box, Dr. Dog, The Heartless Bastards, and Yonder Mountain String Band at Margret T. Hance Park.

See who else will be playing the McDowell Mountain Music Festival 2013.

--Jason P. Woodbury

Maynard James Keenan: Events and Rituals

The journey known as "Vintage 2012" is almost complete. Not finished, but it's most certainly arriving at a fairly calm station. No more 2 a.m. panic-related insomnia attacks, where I stare at the ceiling going over and over the logistics of a tiny workspace. I'm not about to kid myself; there's still quite a few long days ahead. Just none that involve an adrenaline rush. I've been trying to catch up on a bit of sleep, if there is such a thing. This usually involves a late dinner, a glass of wine, and some commercial-free iTunes downloads.

Check out Maynard's full column.

-Maynard James Keenan

Minus the Bear's Cory Murchy, "It's Just 12 Years of Plugging Away and Learning"

Seattle math rock-meets-electronic indie band Minus the Bear has been going strong for 12 years now, spending most of its time on the road or in the studio. As a testament to how much the band tours, take a look at how many times we've reviewed the band over the years.

So it's no surprise that Minus the Bear is back in support of its fifth full length album, Infinity Overhead. The band decided to take a back-to-basics approach and worked with producer Matt Bayles, who left the band in 2006 to focus on his producing career.

"I think we all have the same vision as far as wanting to do this for as long as it's making us happy and fun," says bassist Cory Murchy on the band's longevity, "So far so good, we're lucky it's turned into our jobs and we're stoked for that."

We recently caught up with Murchy to discuss working with Matt Bayles, the band's relentless tour schedule, and why Minus the Bear has strayed away from silly song titles. Check out the full interview.

--Melissa Fossum

Ask Fan Landers: Should I Stay in the Closet for the Sake of My Rap Career?

Dear Fan,

Since about a year ago I've been the hypeman for an better-known MC. Not famous, but people know us in our region. He's gay, I'm bi. Neither of us are out really and I didn't know he was til we got on tour together. He's older and farther along getting established, he's got mixtapes. I do stuff on my own but people have been knowing me mostly since I joined with him. I know if we both came out people would think we are together and have "the gay MC" or "______'s gay hypeman" or with my name always overshadowed by him. At the same time, I am not about to be telling him not to. What do I do?


Read Fan's full response here.

--Jessica Hooper

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.