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Toubab Krewe @ Compound Grill

You've heard of 2 Live Crew, and their famous "me so horny" refrain, but have you laid ears on Toubab Krewe? Admittedly, the groups don't have much in common besides their names. The former: Miami-based dirty-rappers who excelled at pissing off censors. The latter: North Carolina-based white-boy Afro-rockers who excel at whipping mobs of sparsely clothed undergrads into a sweaty, gyrating sex-trance. See the diff? Fusing American rock with the percussive traditions of West Africa, the five-strong Krewe uses instruments like the kora (21-string harp-lute) and soku (Malian horsehair fiddle) to conjure infectious, neo-tribal rhythms that you pretty much have to move to, lest select portions of your anatomy wiggle out of your ass. The band — which has played Bonnaroo and a host of regional music festivals — was formed in Asheville, which most people agree is the coolest town in N.C. and exactly the kind of progressive-hippie redoubt where an instrumental mash-up outfit like the Krewe can flourish. Will they "ruv you rong time?" Probably.

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Craig Outhier