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Tour de Fat Brings The Dovekins and Pimps of Joytime to Tempe

A few years ago, shortly after I turned 21, I purchased a sixer of Fat Tire. At the time I was living with a constantly rotating cast rogues in a two story house attached to an old doctors office.

The couch was nearly always occupied by any number of guests, with everyone constantly pranking each other. A friend of mine stole one of my bottles of Fat Tire, opened it, filled it with tap water, and then carefully hammered the cap back on.

When I discovered what I thought was a factory mistake, I emailed New Belgium, the Colorado-based brewery that manufactures Fat Tire. They apologized, and informed me they would be sending some complimentary promo stuff my way.

I told my friend, the one who drained my brewski, and he laughed, and told me that he had pulled one over on me.

Feeling terrible, I emailed New Belgium again, explaining the situation. I received a response to the tune of "That's hilarious. Enjoy the swag."

I've held New Belgium in high esteem since then. The brewery is bringing Tour de Fat to Tempe this weekend a "meandering and pandering" 13 city tour spreading "the good word about the positive societal offerings of the bicycle."

While we joked about beer + band pairings last week, the brewery knows what it's doing when it comes to music, bringing Colorado's excellent Dovekins and Brooklyn's Pimps of Joytime to Tempe Town Lake on Saturday, October 15.

The Dovekins play "psychedelic Western swing," and the band's 2010 Assemble the Aviary combines the symphonic resonance of Sufjan Stevens with the intimacy and power of an old-timey string band.

Brooklyn's Pimps of Joytime are an altogether funkier affair. The band has collaborated with soul-legend Roy Ayers, and combines sultry funk, hip-hop, and jazz sounds.

In addition to the bikes, beers, and bands, Tour de Fat will be raising money for Mountain Bike Association of Arizona and Tempe Bicycle Action Group.

Since 1998, the New Belgium Brewery has been wind powered, and is owned by its employees.

Like I said -- pretty good folks in my book.

Check out Tour de Fat on Saturday, October 15, at Tempe Town Lake.

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Jason P. Woodbury is a music and pop-culture writer based in Phoenix. He is a regular contributor to the music blog Aquarium Drunkard and co-host of the Transmissions podcast.