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Touring By Bicycle? Milwaukee Folk Singer Peter Mulvey Bikes into Cave Creek

Milwaukee singer-songwriter Peter Mulvey has an odd gimmick: He rides his bike on tour. Like, across state lines and stuff. He's apparently biked around to about 120 shows over the last three years and will be cycling into Cave Creek on Saturday, October 30 for a show at the new Janey's Coffeehouse. His companion, another singer-songwriter named Brianna Lane, rides with him and will join in for a few songs.

As you can hear in "Some People," a feelie-goody it-takes-all-kinds folk song with vaguely disparaging jokes about Larry Craig and rich people, he's exactly the sort of friendly folkie who would ride a bike to a show. Either that or an old VW bug retro-fitted to run on vegetable oil.

Jeffrey Foucault, a Wisconsin-based fellow folkie, joins him. Tickets are $18 in advance and available here.

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Martin Cizmar
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