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Trace Adkins Shows His Love for SB 1070 at Toby Keith Show

Well, it looks like Lady Gaga's not the only one who can't keep her mouth shut about political issues during concerts. At last night's Toby Keith show at Cricket Wireless Pavilion in Phoenix, Trace Adkins decided to let the Valley know just how he weighed in on the whole SB 1070 issue. He not only expressed his support for the controversial immigration law, but he also told anyone who doesn't like Sheriff Joe Arpaio to blow him. No matter how you feel about country music, that sure sounds like an interesting show. Read on to see the fans' take, and read our review here.

@FarmerBraxton- I knew this concert would get political, and Trace Adkins just went there. Severely different views then myself... thats for sure.

@rheajanelle- Trace adkins just told the crowd to blow him if we don't like sherriff joe. Looks like ill be busy tonight.

@jess_in_phx- Trace Adkins rocks!!

@Dariensolaris1- Trace adkins, i swear, i hope you come across @ladygaga on a bad day and she takes SB1070 and shoves it down your throat

@Porkchop995- Toby Keith is rocking Phoenix, AZ tonight!!! The boy brought it.

@billyhundreds- Toby Keith and Trace Adkinds.....amazing

@TheDodgerhater- Trace Adkins is such a sleaze. Good man.

@ramkitten- Had a great time at the Toby Keith/Trace Adkins/James Otto concert last night in Phoenix. Danced my tooshie off! (But it grew back.)

@jayarfernandez- Toby keith concert was dope! Good times with @knixcountry. Long day time to sleep ha

@meghabyte- Toby Keith concert was a blast! Margaritas and good friends. :)

@TheActualJD- Toby Keith was off the chain!

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