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Trap and Span Phly Release New Music Downloads

Phoenix rapper Trap has released a new song from his forthcoming mixtape, I Never Sleep. The song is called "My Gucci" and features Trap flowing over a trippy beat and a Slick Rick "La Di Da Di" sample.

Here what Trap had to say about the new song and the status of his highly anticipated mixtape:

"After I finished recording my current project, I Never Sleep, I felt like the project was missing a song. I went through about 20 beats and got a cut from Johnny Juliano - that song turned out to be "My Gucci". I didn't even write it, the track just felt so good that I just ran through it after rambling a few thoughts through my head. That is me rapping on both verses - versatility has never been an obstacle for me. My new project is 95% complete, just waiting on artwork for the cover and a marketing campaign to start."

Stream "My Gucci" and download the new free Span Phly EP below.

Stream the new Trap song "My Gucci" below, or download it here.

If one free song isn't good enough for you, how about a whole EP? Local rapper/producer Span Phly has completed the first in a planned series of collaborative EPs. It's called Spy vs. Spy Vol. 1 and features production by LOST of The Council Productions. Grab the five-song EP on Span Phly's blog/website. Here's what he had to say about the new EP:

New Times: Give us the short version of the Span Phly bio. How did you start rapping and making beats?
Span Phly: I have been making music for close to 10 years now. I started out as a DJ in high school and naturally progressed into rapping. From there, producing came as a necessity. In 2005 I moved back to Phoenix from Orlando, Florida with my debut album Meet Your Master ready to go and have been working my hardest ever since.

How did the idea for the Spy vs. Spy series of EPs come about? How many will there be?
Well, I have a hard time just making one song with someone. It's like there is too much pressure to say everything you want to say in 16 bars. So I prefer working on collaborative projects with other emcees and producers. I also like the idea of supplying your fans and listeners with small, digital releases that not only keep their attention but also keeps the artist creating outside of their comfort zone. The idea started as one project and slowly morphed into a series of EPs that will be released over the next year. There will be five Spy vs. Spy EPs, each with five songs, all exclusively released on my blog,

Do you have any collaborators lined up for future EPs? Who is on your wishlist?
Megaran aka Random is next on the list of Spies. There are a lot of Arizona artists I respect and would like to work with from GRIME to Ocean to Brad B of the Insects/Drunken Immortals fame. I also think to work on an entire project like this requires a certain chemistry that has to be deeper than music. There has to be a mutual respect and camaraderie that cannot be faked. Judgement of The Society of Invisibles is on the first EP and we worked so well I wouldn't be surprised if he was one of the artists I worked with in the series.

Any shows coming up in the near future?
I just finished playing some shows in support of the new release, but you can normally find me at The Big Fish Pub for Gallery Blu on Tuesday nights and at Stray Cat for WTFunk Fridays.

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