Trap Releases New Mixtape

Trap just released his second mixtape, I Never Sleep, last Friday, but the Phoenix rapper/producer shows no signs of slowing down. Trap says he still has several other upcoming projects in the works, including a highly anticipated collaboration with Hannibal Leq and Lo called Monstaz Ink. For now, though, local heads will have to make do with a mere hour of new material from one of the Valley's fastest-rising hip-hop stars.

The mixtape is hosted by DJ John Blaze and runs the gamut from hard-hitting street anthems to bouncy club bangers. Trap enlisted a bevy of guest stars, including Ocean and his Monstaz Ink cohorts Hannibal Leq and Lo, as well as local rap veteran Roca Dolla. I Never Sleep is available for streaming or free download at this location. Check out the title track from the new mixtape and a Q&A with Trap after the break.

Trap - "I Never Sleep" by mdub5000

Q&A With Trap

Up on the Sun: So how are you sleeping these days?

Trap: A lot better since my project is finished and in the streets.

The new mixtape features several collaborations. We know you're working on the Monstaz Ink project with Hannibal Leq and Lo, but can you tell us how some of the other collaborations (Roca Dolla, Ocean, etc.) came about?

The song "Gucci" featuring Ocean originally just had me on it. Lo and Ocean both heard the record and thought it was hot, so we went to the drawing board and dropped the song. On the song "This Is Me," I had Roca Dolla in mind from the moment I recorded my verse and heard the hook. When he heard, it he told me he could hear himself on a song like that, so it worked out.

Who did the artwork for the cover? Are you planning on pressing some physical copies as well?

Miami Kaos did the mixtape cover. I'm pressing up 10,000 copies to sell this summer.

You mentioned on Arizona Beats that you're already halfway through your next mixtape. When do you expect to have that done? How about the Monstaz Ink project?

I'm working on my third solo project, Died And Gone To Heaven, and the Monstaz Ink project, titled Inglorious Basterds, is 100 percent complete. I have one more project coming this summer as well which is a joint venture with Checkin Trapps of OTS.

Do you have any local shows coming up that you'd like to promote?

I'm performing this Saturday at Club Rain and will post new shows on my Facebook page within the next week.

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