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Treasure Mammal Celebrates a Decade of Loosening Inhibitions

"You can't 3D-print Obamacare; it's too beautiful."

This is one of the things you could overhear at a Treasure Mammal practice. It's what they're talking about at the moment, but the subject may shift to the "rap-rock vortex," Juggalos, Bud Lite Lime, or bro culture. It's part of the consciousness of the band -- a fixation upon forces that make society generic, absurd, and tasteless -- that somehow is intermeshed with a narrative of positivity and self-improvement. If you've heard any record by the band, it's to be expected.

The obsession with 3D printing is ridiculous but relevant. In the same way you can't 3D-print Obamacare, you can't 3D-print Treasure Mammal. The band's bizarre legacy in the Phoenix music scene just can't be duplicated.

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Mike Bogumill
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