Treasure Mammal Is an Ironic GIF Come to Life

No other musician in Phoenix pours as much blood, sweat, and raw imagination into their live performances than Treasure Mammal’s Abe Gil. The mastermind behind Treasure Mammal puts on delirious spectacles for his live shows. Backed by dancers wearing Mammal’s signature multicolored spandex bodysuits, Gil performs alongside giant inflatable snowmen and Christmas trees. Sometimes he’ll create a Ouija board on the floor of the venue with masking tape and use one of his dancers as a planchette. Wielding shake weights and singing Celine Dion songs, Treasure Mammal is an ironic GIF come to life. But there’s more to Treasure Mammal than putting on spectacles. Gil’s been writing earworms for years, catchy jams like “Amethyst,” “Dream Catcher,” and “Stevie Wonder to the Bullshit” that pop out of their cassette trappings like some brilliant fusion of ’90s pop and old-school video game music. And while the Mammal is a proud hometown hero, his goofy spirit and pop chops have been recognized by a host of big names who’ve guested on his stuff (like Flaming Lips impresario Wayne Coyne and legendary DIY weirdo R. Stevie Moore). We look forward to seeing what Treasure Mammal will evolve into next.

Treasure Mammal. 8 pm., Saturday, August 2, at Trunk Space, 1124 North Third Street; thetrunkspace.com. Admission is $10 at the door.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.