Treasure Mammal Outlines a Classy Date: Sizzler, Crystal Pepsi, and Planned Parenthood

The reports of the romance's death have been greatly exaggerated.

That's what we're taking away from the video for "Dream Girl," from Phoenix's Treasure Mammal. A standout song from his excellent Checkognize, the track has a silky, '90s R&B groove and characteristically outlandish lyrics from songwriter Abelardo Gil III.

The video, which stars Gil on a date with his wig-sporting bandmate, Daniel Funkhouser, is as hilarious as the song, which features lyrics like "I want to be all over you like British Petroleum-- but that's too soon."

"As far as the date goes, I'm a classy guy, so I took her out to Sizzler like any gentlemen would," Gil says. "I just haven't seen a woman eat so much fried shrimp in one sitting in my whole life."

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Learn more about "Dream Girl" after the jump.

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Melissa Fossum
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