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Music that bears the most repeated listenings hits you on an abstract, moth-to-a-naked-light bulb level. The attraction may be lyrical ambiguity, sonic submersion, a spirited count-off or just the decibel ring of a voice around the circumference of your skull. All we know is, we've been repeatedly playing the two tracks on the TrEmUlaNtS' MySpace page, particularly "Pesticide," which features a wobbly underwater guitar and the soaring sound of Kim Shelton calling out "blue on blue, blue on green" like a cheerleader practicing alone in her room, all propelled by a minute variation of the "Ticket to Ride" beat. That song is joined by "Junero," which more audibly utilizes the six-man lineup that includes a percussionist tapping out a telegraph rhythm on claves, a slide guitarist, a violinist and Shelton harmonizing with the band's other lead vocalist, Marco Holt, formerly of Loud Americans and Scramjet. With a full-length CD called Helicopter Moon coming out in August, TrEmUlaNtS is a band poised to go several directions at once and still be all of one mind about it. "With Loud Americans, we were coming from a place where every song had to be hard and heavy, but this band has two women in it, so it can have a softness," Holt says. "Plus everybody in this band is familiar with the context of what we love about music. I don't know if that makes sense." We don't either. But it sounds good.
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