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Tricky Bizzniss

The '80s are back, and Tricky Bizzniss is surfing the new New Wave thing with a sound that's a bit electro, but more self-consciously retro. Singer Trixie Reiss was the voice of The Crystal Method's smash debut, Vegas, while producer Ernie Lake was one half of Soul Solution (the duo responsible for the dance mix of Shania Twain's "You're Still the One") and a hitmaker on his own ("Shake That Body"). Tricky Bizzniss grew out of the New York electroclash scene, but the stuff here sounds more dated than reinvigorated, plagued by the ghosts of discos past. "Tonight's Your Lucky Day" could be an early Madonna outtake, "Cybertronic" recalls Gary Numan's spacy dirges, and "Familiar" sounds like the band's been listening to too many Depeche Mode albums. There are a couple of bouncy dance tracks, like "Day to Day" and the Kraftwerkian "Whirlwind Life," but they lack the edge that great dance tracks need to pry you out of your seat and onto the dance floor.
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J. Poet