Concert Review

Truckers on Speed at Clubhouse Music

By Sarah Ventre

Truckers on Speed don’t mess around and you sure as hell wouldn’t want to mess around with them. When they throw a CD release party it’s one intense event.

By the time the Truckers took the stage at Clubhouse Music, local bands Two Spot Gobi, Plowed Under, the Sweetbleeders, and Dead Hot Workshop had already more than warmed the crowd.

On your first listen, you may peg Truckers on Speed as an alt-country band. An experienced Truckers fan will tell you that they lean a little more heavily on the country side than a lot of other local bands that receive the same label emphasizing twangy guitar and southern vocals. Their songs tend to follow a traditional rock format, and feature a driving rhythm section interspersed with prominent southwestern-flavored guitar riffs.

In fact, “truckers on speed” is in fact probably one of the best ways to characterize their sound. It’s a little edgier than cowboy music, and it has just enough of a noticeable “rural” influence that alt rock purists would cock their heads. Listening to them is likely to make you wanna run out and grab a case of Bud and embark on a cross country road trip in a scratched up black Chevy pickup.

Truckers’ hour and a half set incorporated many tunes from their new album, “To Fall Seven Times.” Guest performers were many and varied, including Dave Insley and Terry Garvin to name a few.

Truckers On Speed ended their set with The Beatles’ “Revolution,” making this one hell of a night of music.

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