Tucson Doom Surf Band The Mission Creeps Play Phoenix this Month

Here in the land of lizards and dust devils, you'd be hard-pressed to find many local bands willing to play outside in the cold. Tucson goth-surf-punk group The Mission Creeps are an exception -- they played a New Year's Eve party outdoors in Bisbee, where bassist Frankie Stein says they "braved well-below sub-zero temperatures" to play on an outdoor stage.

The band won't have to worry about freezing during their Phoenix show on Friday, June 10 at Rips Ales & Cocktails. In fact, they're going to need plenty of water and sweat rags, because this bill is hot. Mission Creeps will share the stage with rockin' locals the Necronauts and Grave Danger, plus California band Lonesome Ones.

Mission Creeps' latest record, Dark Cells, is full of eerie rockabilly/surf jaunts like "Boneyard Scene," "Cannibals In Love," and "Nano Machines with Intent to Kill." The band's sound hasn't changed much over the years, but the lineup recently got a foxy face lift.

The band's still fronted by vocalist/guitarist James Arrr (who always seems to wear dark sunglasses on stage), but the rhythm section is now all-female. Frankie Stein, Mission Creeps' mistress of the low-end, calls her and drummer Rikki Styxx the "Little Darlings of Doom."

"Yes, it is based on the '70s film, and a joke, and nod to Deadbolt's Wall of Thunder rhythm section," Stein says. "It's a shake up on the common girl-fronted band scenario."

If you're thinking about missing the band's Valley show to catch them in Tucson or some time down the road, don't. After their gig in Phoenix, The Mission Creeps are headed to Los Angeles to record their third album.

The Mission Creeps, Necronauts, Grave Danger, and Lonesome Ones are scheduled to perform Friday, June 10, at Rips Ales & Cocktails.

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