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Tumblr of the Week: 120 Minutes

MTV just turned 30 years old yesterday! There are so many shows on MTV that I either wish would come back or are finally coming back. It's a shame Daria isn't still around, though Beavis and Butthead is returning on October 27.

MTV2 has graciously brought back 120 Minutes for us all, as of July 30. On top of that, Matt Pinfield, the show's host from 1995 to 1999, is back as the host. This season of 120 Minutes will feature interviews with Dave Grohl, Kings of Leon, Lupe Fiasco, PJ Harvey, Dangermouse with Danielle Luppi, Das Racist, Black Angels, and more, and that was just the debut episode.

This week we bring you the 120 Minutes Tumblr, a collection of videos from when the show was in its prime in the 1990s.

More on what's awesome about this week's Tumblr of the Week after the jump...

Kudos to Philip Fibiger for making this tribute Tumblr. Philip has posted quite a variety of awesome moments from 120 Minutes history, including exclusive artist interviews and music video premieres. Check out some of Philip's favorite old clips from the show:

Acoustic performance by Lou Barlow of Sebadoh with Bob Mould of Husker Du

Shonen Knife's "Brown Mushrooms" music video

Interview with Matthew Sweet and the world premiere of his music video "Ugly Rock Truth"

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