Tumblr of the Week: American Aquarium Drinker

It turns out that he hasn't dropped off the face of the earth after all. In fact, he's been writing some pretty interesting blogs.

This week we're bringing you Holmes' blog, American Aquarium Drinker (not to be confused with the equally awesome Aquarium Drunkard), so you can read up on what Dave thinks is hot or not.

More on what's awesome about this week's Tumblr of the Week after the jump...

Dave's blog is regularly updated with all kinds of jazzy material. Some of his posts are about things he notices, while others are about playlists, music videos, and ridiculously awkward pictures of Adam Lambert.

Other parts of his blog feature his amusing American Idol recaps. And according to American Aquarium Drinker, Dave's a fan of our local fellas the Gin Blossoms. "Revisiting this album with friends in the backyard," he wrote. "2012, you guys. Already better than you remember."

One of his better recent posts was an astute observation about headlines that pertained to Lana Del Ray. You know, that indie pop chick you hate to love and love to hate, who recently kind of blew it on SNL? Check out Dave's findings.

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