Tumblr of the Week: Black Flag Shirts on Every Celebrity

Last week, we spoke to FLAG's Keith Morris about Greg Ginn's Black Flag lawsuit. Black Flag released another new song Tuesday, "Wallow in Despair," which sounds a bit better than the band's other new material. Ultimately, we're just thankful that it doesn't feature five minutes of Ginn playing the theremin.

The FLAG/Black Flag war can be a bit overwhelming, so take some time to unwind with our featured Tumblr of the week: Black Flag Shirts on Every Celebrity.

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The Black Flag Shirts on Every Celebrity Tumblr is particularly hilarious thanks to its selection of celebrities. Kanye West is highlighted in the "Hollywood Goes Punk!" banner, which is timely, given The Met's punk fashion disaster earlier this year.

Importantly, some of the Black Flag T-shirt sporting celebs are credible -- I wouldn't be surprised if Paul Rudd was partial to My War. What if Live Schreiber and Eli Roth blasted "Thirsty and Miserable" to prepare for Inglourious Basterds?

But the ridiculous ones are the best. North West could really rebel against her parents someday by blasting "Nervous Breakdown" when her first world problems get the best of her. We're stuck with a veritable "who wore it best" by looking at David Hasselhoff and Alexander Skarsgard sporting Everything Went Black shirts.

Black Flag Shirts on Every Celebrity even forces us to question the notion of celebrity itself, as Naomi Campbell strikes a pose in a Police Story shirt a few posts up from a nervous-looking George Zimmerman.

Plus, there's Jesus. Forget WWJD, it's more like "which reunion group would Jesus prefer?"

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