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Tumblr of the Week: Fiddy's Biddies

Twitter has proven to be a fascinating look into the head-spaces of many of our favorite celebrities and musicians. While plenty of rappers have taken to the micro-blogging site, few have managed to be as consistently entertaining and ridiculous (and occasionally controversial) as Curtis Jackson, better known by his moniker 50 Cent. His interactions with his followers are the subject of our Tumblr of the Week: Fiddy's Biddies.

Fiddy's Biddies features a slew of females professing their love, or in many cases lust, for 50 Cent. Fiddy seems to reply to most of them with "Ok" pretty routinely.

Once in a while, though, if he thinks the juice is worth the squeeze, he'll post something along the lines of "Damn U fine call me ok."

More on what's awesome about this week's Tumblr of the Week after the jump...

This just in: 50 Cent isn't a smooth talker all the time.

A screenshot of one of his tweets in particular is awkward as hell. In response to one girl's picture, Fiddy wrote, "Ok I luv UR 4 head U look really smart lol." Seriously, Fiddy? That's the best line you've got?

Another girl tweeted at 50 Cent, "follow me my name should be enough SK," to which he replied, "I like your name baby." Since when is "I like your name" a pickup line? Fiddy's biddies are ridiculous.

Yet another one of his Twitter followers tweeted at him, "Just noticed my neighbour looks abit like @50Cent." Naturally, he replied, "So sleep with him LOL."

I always thought that rappers are all smooth talkers in real life and not just on their records. Boy, did this blog prove me wrong.

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