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Tumblr of the Week: Justin Timberlake Doing Things

For the last few years, Justin Timberlake has been focusing more on his acting career and less on his music. I love a good falsetto voice every now and then, but there's only so much of JT's music that I can tolerate in one sitting without feeling like I'm indulging in a slightly guilty pleasure.

Now that Timberlake is known for being SNL's crossover funny man whose guest appearances are usually on point, Justin has been involved in some other projects...indirectly, that is.

This week we're bringing you Justin Timberlake Doing Things, a blog all about JT being caught in weird positions with brilliant captions.

More on what's awesome about this week's Tumblr of the Week after the jump...

Justin Timberlake Doing Things features photographs of JT doing, well, somewhat ordinary things. The site's premise is simple and the pictures speak for themselves, but the captions are subtle but still often quite amusing.

For instance, a picture of Justin popping his coat collar is captioned, "Justin Timberlake subtly whispers to the little person whose shoulders he stands on under the cover of a large trenchcoat." A picture of Justin with his arms out wide while standing on a golf course is captioned, "Justin Timberlake declares himself the one true prophet in the middle of a local private golf course." Meanwhile, a picture of JT staring off into the distance at what appears to be a fashion show is captioned, "Justin Timberlake spots a tiny goblin, visible only to him." Best of all is Justin with his head sticking out of a car window with a caption that reads, "Justin Timberlake ghost-rides the whip."

This blog gets major kudos for creativity in the clever captioning department. Now if only someone would make a Tumblr of a musician riding things instead of Paula Deen. We can dream, right?

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Lenni Rosenblum