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Tumblr of the Week: The Hood Internet

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It's been tough for us to stop spinning Toothy Wavy, the collaboration among Tucson-based Isaiah Toothtaker, Max B, and The Hood Internet, so it only makes sense that we'd wind up spending a some time with The Hood Internet's official Tumblr.

Aaron Brink and Steve Reidell have been combining indie rock and hip-hop songs to make some killer creations for about five years now, and they're definitely worth spinning.

Though their material isn't quite as intricate as that of Gregg Gillis, a.k.a. Girl Talk, it's still ridiculously solid. Seriously, this shit is tight. At least once a week, the Hood Internet posts something new and awesome.

To give you an idea of what they're working with, The Hood Internet's latest mixtape has us listening to mash-ups of Wiz Khalifa and Phantogram, Whitney Houston and Chromeo, Kreayshawn and Gang Gang Dance, tUnE-yArDs and Rihanna, and Sisqo vs. The Rapture vs. A-Trak. The title of that last track is "How Deep Is Your Thong." Sometimes the combined song titles are the best part, but in the case of The Hood Internet, the music truly speaks for itself.

The best aspect of their mix tapes is that you can download them for free, all bumping and powerful odes to the idea of creative license and pop-crossbreeding. Shwing!

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