Tumblr of the Week: The Whisperlights

The Tumblr made by The Whisperlights, who we recently touched upon in a post about Drinkify, is worthy of a mention.

The Whisperlights are a great local group (well -- locally formed -- the members of the band are currently spread pretty far out) that has a self-described "dreamy folky stadium pop" sound.

Earlier this year the band was featured on NPR's website for Song of the Day with their track "Eaten Alive," which is just one reason why this week we're bringing you The Whisperlights.

More on what's awesome about this week's Tumblr of the Week after the jump...

This blog features classy and awesome fliers for past local shows, some of the group's favorite inspirational quotes, enticing documentaries, and a story about bringing people together for a good cause.

And three cheers to these guys for being one of those ballsy groups that occasionally post insightful political material.

They even righteously include a shameless plug for their friends Silian Rail, an instrumental rock band from Oakland.

Stream The Whisperlights' latest album, Surfaces released this summer, here.

Also, check out this live footage of the band performing "Lucky" at the Clubhouse.

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