Tumblr of the Week: Who is Bon Iver?

Bon Iver is the new Arcade Fire of the Grammy Awards.

In classic "Who is..." Tumblr fashion, a plethora of people have taken to the interwebs to express their disdain for Justin Vernon and co. because they won the Best New Artist and Best Alternative Album awards, simply because they had "never heard of him." Sure the "who is" joke is running out of steam, but as long as people tweet things like "Who's this Bon jovi yogi barney the bear motherfucker" sites like Who Is Bon Iver? will continue to get chuckles out of us.

Never mind the fact that Bon Iver songwriter Justin Vernon is pretty close to mainstream as it is, popping up on both Kanye's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Kanye and Jay-Z's Watch the Throne, folks are more than eager to take to social media to express their disbelief that something they didn't know existed exists.

More on what's awesome about this week's Tumblr of the Week after the jump...

Who is Bon Iver includes some golden commentary about how Justin Vernon looks like a middle school chemistry teacher, a homeless man, or someone who would do your taxes. The naive are also referring to the band as Bonny Bear.

Others wrote about how they thought Justin Vernon was black. One chick learned from watching the Grammy Awards that Bon Iver is a band, not a piece of IKEA furniture, which is what she had previously thought. Another Twitter user thought that Bon Iver was a dead dictator.

Meanwhile, someone else wrote, "I still don't know who Bon Iver is.....is he Bon Jovi's son..???" That one's a stretch, but this "mysterious" Bon Iver character and the people unsure of who he is sure has us LOLing.

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