tUnE-yArDs: "Bizness"

The video comes at perfect timing for Garbus -- a little birdy told me w h o k i l l leaked a few days ago. How else does Stereogum place these yet-released albums into their heavy rotation? But it's time for what you've all been waiting for -- the video for "Bizness:"

"Bizness," coupled with standout tracks like "Es-So," "Gangsta," "Riotriot" and "You Yes You" bode quite well for w h o k i l l. Garbus would be hard pressed to release anything that doesn't meet her strict guidelines for exceptional quality. Her quirky, inventive nature is what made me a fan of tUnE-yArDs in the first place, and w h o k i l l only solidifies Garbus' immense talents. You'd be hard-pressed to hear another artist have as much fun on their album as Merrill Garbus does on her latest effort.

w h o k i l l is out 4/19 via 4AD. Tracklisting is as follows:

01 - My Country 

02 - Es-So 
03 - Gangsta 
04 - Powa 
05 - Riotriot 
06 - Bizness 
07 - Doorstep 
08 - You Yes You 
09 - Wolly Wolly Gong 
10 - Killa

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