TV on the Radio appeared on The Colbert Report on Monday night to perform their single "Dancing Choose," off their latest album, the critically acclaimed Dear Science. This was a far better slot than if they had performed at the Grammys the night before, or as Stephen Colbert put it in their interview, "Isn't it funny how the Grammys are so irrelevant now?"

In his intro, Colbert stated that the band "are so much better than movies or the newspaper." Then, during the interview (watch it after the break), he stroked guitarist Kyp Malone's beard, made the above statement about the Grammys, discussed writing to concepts, why they ever left Cookie Mountain, and suggested that, at this point, the band is in it for the money.

TV on the Radio on The Colbert Report: Better than the Grammys

To address Colbert's point on the Grammy's being irrelevant, TV on the Radio's album

Dear Science

was the most critically acclaimed album of the year. The album was named number one by

Rolling Stone


Spin Magazine


The Guardian



(did they even play the video? Who knows),

Entertainment Weekly

, and


's readers poll. It also won the

Village Voice

Pazz and Jop critic's poll, which is an amalgam of all those and many others. Yet they were not nominated for a single Grammy, and the winner of the Record Of The Year went to

four guys who didn't even write their ecord

. Yes, indeed, Colbert is far more relevant that the Grammy's.

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