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Underground Hip-Hop Program The Pulse on Power 98.3 To Air Last Show in Phoenix Tonight

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They say bad things come in threes.

First Steve Nash decides to bolt from the Phoenix Suns (although, it's not a bad thing for me seeing that I'm a Lakers fan), and now radio personality Yaya Martinez is calling it quits as host of the underground hip-hop show The Pulse on Power 98.3.

I'm calling it right now: Before the end of the summer, don't be surprised if someone else, maybe one of our promising bands, makes the leap to another postal code.

Martinez is relocating to Reno, Nevada, where she'll co-host the morning show on Wild 102.9.

Since December of 2008, Martinez has hosted the popular late-night program that aired from 1 a.m. until 4 every Friday night. Tonight's broadcast will be the last one aired from Phoenix as Martinez plans on taking her baby with her.

Up on the Sun: What's the word, Yaya?

Martinez: Tomorrow is going to be the last Pulse show that we do in Phoenix. I'm taking another job in Reno, Nevada. I'm going to be a co-host on the morning show with Ron James on Wild 102.9.

It's a good opportunity for me to grow in the business; especially right now. More people are making moves and it's real hard to even get a position within a radio station that you haven't been a part of for a while.

It's making me sad because I have to leave Phoenix, but at the same time I'm excited to start something brand new.

What's the future hold for The Pulse?

I'm going to be taking the show with me. So I'm going to be doing it from Reno by myself. I gotta find a DJ that's going to be worthy enough to actually be mixing on my show. As far as the show itself, it's definitely mine so I'm going to be taking it with me when I leave in two weeks. It's going to be broadcast from up there, so I'm going to make sure that everybody stays up-to-date. All anyone has to do is follow our Twitter or Facebook page.

Any plans for internet broadcasting?

They have a live stream through iHeart Radio. All you have to do is look up 102.9 and you'll find the stream.

What are you going to miss the most when you leave Phoenix?

It's home. My family, my friends, everybody that supported me over the years. My closest friends know how much work I put in at the station at Power 98. To be leaving all these people that have been supporting me the past five years is really bitter sweet, but they really want to see me do great things. I know I'm going to be staying in touch with a lot of people, but at the same time it makes me sad that I'm not going to be in the same city with all the people that have really showed me a lot of love.

What are some of the favorite moments you take from this experience?

Honestly, the first thing I think about is loyalty. There were a lot of changes at Power when I first got on there. And I grew up listening to Power, so I felt some type of responsibility to stand by my radio station. You know, I grew up listening to it and it molded me as a kid; I always made sure I tuned in.

The things that I learned at the station -- definitely work ethic. You have to make a name for yourself. You can't expect anyone to hand anything to you. And you have to do for you, and that's a good thing because that teaches you a lot about your own character.

So with the Pulse and the underground show, it was definitely a big responsibility for me when I picked it up. It's something that really taught me to listen to music differently. This show gave me a chance to share the music that I liked and to express myself and reach out to the audience that actually mattered and wanted to hear this music. Now some of these artists are platinum-selling artists at this point. So it's been a good experience for me to really trust and believe in the underdog. Regardless if it's in music or radio or life in general; you never know who's gonna come out on top.

So Steve Nash leaving had nothing to do with your decision to leave?

[Laughs] No it didn't. If I was Nash I would have left, too. Everybody was pissed when I said that, but I definitely would have left, He put in how many years here? He had to leave because he had to go and find a better situation for himself and I feel like that's what I'm trying to do at this point.

And that was the thing for me. I'm not good and happy with where I'm at, and I just know that there's more out there for me.

Last shout outs?

First and foremost, definitely have to thank my little brother, Rick D, for sticking by me through the craziness of the show, and showing up for two-and-a-half, three years straight without getting paid. This kid loved the music, and it's very important that people know that. Rick was there for the love of the music and I appreciate everything he ever did.

Fresh 85 was a huge influence on what we played and a lot of new Phoenix artists got a lot of play because of him.

To Matt Locks, Rok, Squeak, and Ramses for teaching me how to run the show properly. I have the utmost respect for them and I love them to death; they've always been there for me and have always been supportive. And to DJ M2 for showing me what a DJ is really supposed to do with two turntables. That man is so underrated and is so slept on as a DJ - I cannot wait until the world finds out about him.

And of course to all of my friends and family and all the people that supported me in radio. It's all love regardless, at the end of the day. I appreciate everyone who's ever congratulated me or welcomed me or just been good to me because good people are really hard to come by.

So the last show is gonna be live from 1a.m. to 4, with special guests and it's going to be a really dope time. I'm probably gonna end up crying. That's real radio though [laughs].

Not Scripted.

Yeah, it's not scripted. It's definitely going to be real tears.

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