Unknown Upcoming Surprise From Dispatch

Alternative/acoustic hippie band Dispatch, part of whom you might know now as the band State Radio, has a big upcoming announcement.

Here's the catch: Nobody's heard from them in so long that it's tough to guess what the announcement is going to be. Will the band be reuniting after an extensive hiatus since their sold out three-day stint at Madison Square Garden for their Zimbabwe benefit shows in 2007?

If they are indeed reuniting, I'm guessing an upcoming tour may be in order. Or better yet, perhaps they're got a new album in the works!

Don't forget to check Dispatch's website to see what they've got in store for their fans in 2011. Lately they've also been busy posting secret codes for smartphones on their Twitter (@dispatchmusic). Scan them to see what's up.

The website currently features a countdown to the upcoming announcement that will be revealed on January 1. I've got a good feeling that the band has been brewing something special and that the long wait will all be worth it in the end. In the meantime, enjoy their performance of "The General" from their Dispatch: Zimbabwe: Live at Madison Square Garden show.


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