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Unwigged & Unplugged

It's a testament to the seemingly unflappable pomposity of rock stars the world over that This Is Spinal Tap is as relevant today as it was upon its theatrical release 25 years ago. Over the years, This Is Spinal Tap has become more than just a hilarious send-up of rock n' roll excess; it's become a cultural touchstone for anyone who has ever played, written about, or simply been a fan of rock music. From ridiculously undersize Stonehenge props and pod doors that won't open to spontaneously combusting drummers and amps that "go to 11," the film set the bar for mockumentaries and inspired numerous imitators of varying quality. The creative team behind Spinal Tap — Christopher Guest, Michael McKean, and Harry Shearer — went on to produce several more mockumentaries, including 2003's A Mighty Wind, in which they portrayed the Folksmen, a 1960s folk group desperately trying to reclaim their past glories. To commemorate the silver anniversary of Spinal Tap, the trio has hit the road to perform acoustic versions of Spinal Tap and Folksmen tunes, along with a few "special surprises."
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Mike R. Meyer