Up on the Sun: The Podcast Episode 8 with Bill Horist, TwinGiant, and More

Seattle guitarist Bill Horist has been making records since the early '90s, and he's racked up the kind of avant-garde credentials any would-be guitar mangler would kill for. He's worked with John Zorn, Bill Frisell, Reggie Watts, Kinski, Six Organs of Admittance, Secret Chiefs 3, Master Musicans of Bukkake (with Alan Bishop and Charles Gocher), and collaborated with members of Pearl Jam, Earth, The Boredoms, and Sunn0))).

But he insists he isn't a member of the "avant-garde über alles." He doesn't play outer music because it's "better" than conventional music -- in fact, he enjoys one just as much as the other.

We speak with Horist in this episode of Up on the Sun: The Podcast, and as you might expect, things get pretty far out this go-around, as we listen to Horist tunes both unsettling and serene, some thunderous riff-jams from TwinGiant, funky folk from Sandy Bull, and a new track from The Young, and more.

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Bill Horist is scheduled to perform Thursday, May 24, at Trunk Space.


Up on the Sun: The Podcast, Episode 8

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What you're hearing:

Lambchop, "Gar," TwinGiant, "Abduction," "Awake in the Hull," Sandy Bull and The Rhythm Ace, "Driftin'," Flying Lotus, "Computer Face/Pure Being," Bill Horist, a section of Signal Index, Bio, " Bill Horist, "Affable Hauntings," Kennelmus, "Dancing Doris," The Young, "Don't Hustle for Love"

Bill Horist is scheduled to perform Thursday, May 24, at Trunk Space. TwinGiant is scheduled to perform Friday, June 8, at Palo Verde Lounge.

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