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UPDATE Chris Brown: A Monster, Even Though He Sees It Otherwise. Also, My Kind Are a Bunch of Liars

Total dickhead and social pariah Chris Brown has released a 37 second video blog post today in which he updates his fans -- all 12 of them -- on his new album as well as defending his name. It's a noble effort by the R&B singer and almost-star of the movie Stomp the Yard -- yet it falls short of actually doing anything because of one line he just has to say, "I ain't a monster." Obviously, he is referring to being arraigned on charges of allegedly choking, biting and punching (slow down, Ike Turner) his then-girlfriend Rihanna on the night of the 2009 Grammy Awards. Much has been made about the unfortunate event, yet not much had been heard from Brown until now. Check out Brown's video and some more reaction after the jump.

His pal in the video is Bow Wow, and yes, that's a bowling alley behind him. Sure, the "haters" have been hating -- myself included -- but those same "haters" haven't been anywhere near Rihanna, let alone dated her. I'm not one to pry into the reasoning behind his actions, but I know if I ever got within five feet of Rihanna, I would faint or my skin would burn up from her absolute gorgeous beauty. Yet we've all seen the unfortunate photos chronicling the abuse Rihanna suffered (thanks, TMZ).

Those diehard fans of Brown will stick with him, claiming that they are able to separate his personal life from his music, acting, and dancing. We've seen this blind support before with Michael Jackson and those sick fucks who still support Phil Spector in any way, but once a star like this goes on trial and suffers any legal consequences, how can fans not become involved with their favorite star's personal life? Those are the dedicated fans -- most likely willfully ignorant of what Brown allegedly did to Rihanna because they don't want to ruin their sterling perception of their beloved singer. It's a shame, too, because what Brown allegedly did was wrong and destructive towards not only his career, but that of Rihanna, too.

This video posted today is just another chapter in this ongoing saga -- another chance for Brown to do damage control while the rest of us make our own conclusions on whether or not he is, in fact, "a monster." I know he just wants to update everyone on his music -- his most valuable asset and the thing he loves most in life -- yet he still takes time to address the "haters" and to claim that he isn't "a monster," even though no one has directly accused him of such. It's a noble effort, but in the end, it reeks of desperation.

Bonus Chris Brown Video! Apparently, I am a liar, as are other bloggers. Thanks, asshole!

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