Update on Love Me Nots Singer Nicole Laurenne's Battle with Cancer

There's just about an hour left in a charity auction of a limited edition red and black 12" of The Love Me Nots most recent record on May Cause Dizziness Records.

Proceeds go to The Susan Komen Foundation in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Why? Well, in case you missed the news, LMN singer Nicole Laurenne was diagnosed with cancer earlier this summer, forcing the band to cancel the rest of their 2010 shows.

That's old news now, though: Laurenne is 100% cancer free after treatment and making plans to ramp up the band's career this fall.

Here's what she had to say about the recovery process and the band's upcoming record and tours.

Up On The Sun:
First, if you don't mind, let's get an update on your recovery. I'm sure a lot of people will be very happy to hear you're now 100% cancer free -- what have you taken away from the treatment experience?

Nicole Laurenne
: If I have learned one thing, it's that if you catch something like this early enough, you can live the rest of your life. The doctors, the nurses, the researchers, the lab techs - they are real heroes. If it hadn't been for a couple of amazingly careful people doing my routine mammogram last May, I would have been in a much different position by now. Even in just the last couple of years, the advances they've made, as far as keeping patients comfortable, strong, and looking good after these kinds of surgeries are absolutely mind-blowing; no one should be afraid to go get a physical in this day and age. In my book, it is reckless to ignore your health, when everything you're doing right now, everyone you care about, and everything you're hoping for the future, is directly affected by how you feel.

UOTS: Are you still planning to record a new record this fall, and do you think this ordeal might find it's way into some new songs?

NL: We are still planning to record the next album this Fall, hopefully in November. Our french record label is already starting plans for another European tour in the Spring. The record was pretty much written and demos recorded before this ordeal began. On the other hand, we wrote one of the songs on our last record the night before the recording sessions started, and it became one of our favorites. I guess you never know when inspiration will strike. After a couple of months away from it, I just turned on the organ again last weekend; it still works. So now we'll see what happens.

UOTS: When do you expect your next local show to be?

NL: We are trying to lay low until January, as far as performances go, so that I can get my full energy back...but never say never. We might be able to swing something before that. Definitely, the first show we do will be a local one, I can promise you that. There are a lot of people in this town that we want to thank in person at that first show.

UOTS: There's currently an auction for a limited edition vinyl copies of your records on eBay to raise money for breast cancer research. Is this the sort of you'll be continuing going forward and how can people help?

NL: Our vinyl label, May Cause Dizziness Records, totally surprised us with this auction of some of our LPs; they are going to donate the proceeds to a breast cancer research foundation, Breast cancer awareness month is coming up, so there will be lots of opportunities to donate money to this cause. Now that I've seen (and felt) some of the medical advances first hand, I really believe that all the attention and funding that has been directed at this disease is truly saving lives and making patients healthier and happier.

But besides raising money and keeping an eye on your own health, there is something more direct that everyone can help with. When you have to stop everything and focus on your health, all the other little unattended things can spin out of control pretty fast. It has been just unbelievable how many gifts, cards, letters, stickers, emails, texts, food, has been showered upon us since July, from all over the world. Family and friends have helped us with everything we need, and then some; Kyle (our bassist) even came to the hospital the morning of my first surgery with breakfast and games to keep my family calm in the waiting room. I think the biggest thing you can do for someone fighting this is to help keep their spirits up (one friend of mine sends me a quote from the movie "Fletch" every week, because she knows I thrive on that level of cheesy humor) and - since most people won't ask for your help, ever - just take it upon yourself to figure out some small way to help them with an errand or food or a car wash or some other little daily thing. My gratitude for that kind of help really can't be put into words.

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