Valley del Sol: Daddy Yankee

DJ Big Latin

Many Latinos are wondering why McCain picked Daddy Yankee to endorse his campaign when there are so many other Latino artists and actors he could have picked. It has me in awe!

What was his state of mind? Did he pick Daddy Yankee because of his song “Gasolina?” And if so, does he not have advisors to let him know that “gasolina” means sperm?

I like Daddy Yankee a lot as an artist. He’s a huge talent, but for him to be singled out to help McCain get the Lation vote makes no sense.

What has Daddy Yankee done in Arizona lately? He came to my car show last year. Before that he had not one, not two, but three concerts canceled in Phoenix. He did have one show in Tucson, but that’s pretty much it. We have not really seen or heard much from him since.

At least as far as this state is concerned, I don’t think McCain’s camp is really understanding their Latinos. Arizona is predominately Mexcan-American, Central American and South American. As a result, I would expect McCan to use celebrities like Jackie Morales, Jose Cubanito, The Nutz, Melissa “The Midnight Mamacita,” Manic Hispanic or MC Magic. These people understand the struggle that’s happening now in places like Arizona.

As Daddy Yankee says, “Lo Que Paso Paso.”

DJ Big Latin is a Phoenix-based music promoter who created and owns Big Latin Entertainment. He was inspired to get into the music industry when he worked as a driver for Studio 47 in the Bay Area and had the opportunity to talk to music talents like New Kids on the Block, Janet Jackson, Tupac, Beastie Boys and Vanilla Ice. He has been a music promoter since 1988 working with BMG, MCA, Priority, Motown ,and Deathrow. He can be found playing all flavors of music in clubs and venues around Phoenix though he specializes in Latin jams. His favorite tunes to play are the ones you don't know are your favorites…yet

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