Valley DJ Airs "Kill Joe Arpaio" -- Beef Vegan of 106.7's The Morning Infidelity Spins Controversial Song

The uber-controversial song "Kill Joe Arpaio,"

which sent Valley media into a tizzy earlier this week

, made it over the airwaves of a Valley radio station.

Beef Vegan, the man behind KWSS 106.7's The Morning Infidelity, spun the track by San Diego band Crocodiles this morning.

Before you get all worked up, know that the song is just dialogue for a newscast played over a boring backing track. Also, I sent "Beef" the track and appeared on the show, joking about how this could cause a major kerfuffle without any justification whatsoever.

Am I right? We'll see if the studio gets raided later today.

DJs on the station have creative control, so Beef is the man who decided to play the song, not the station's hierarchy. After spinning it he wasn't super impressed.

"The title was a over sell and misleading," he said. "This song just repeats what the media and some people across the country already think: That Sheriff Joe is out of control. But I don't really see it as controversial."

Hear the song below.

Kill Joe Arpaio by scemoburz


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