Valley rockers Isle of Essence will record a live album on July 12

By Niki D’Andrea

Almost any band can sound decent on a studio record. Enough overdubs, multi-tracking, knob twisting, and processing can make even the crappiest of garage bands sound like disciplined, precise musicians. The true test of a band’s talent is the live show – not just the sound and cohesiveness, but the energy and the connection between band and audience.

Valley funk rockers Isle of Essence are a quintessential live band, layering rock riffs over fat funk grooves and jazzy improvisations, making booties shake across the state. And they do it with smiles and enthusiasm. They’re one of those bands that feeds off audience energy, and seem much more in their element on stage than in the studio.

So it makes sense that Isle of Essence’s next record will be a live album. They plan on recording their show at Scottsdale's Phase 54 Studios on July 12, and they want Phoenix fans to be a part of it. The flier for the show promises, “Not only will your screams be heard on their next record but your name will be on the actual album!”

The show starts at 9 p.m. , and admission costs $5. For more information, visit www.isleofessence.com.

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