Vans Warped Tour Buzz More About Phoenix Heat Than Music

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With dozens of bands on the Vans Warped Tour, which came through Phoenix to the Cricket Wireless Pavilion yesterday, you'd think more kids would be talking about just how their favorite groups did. But there was only one thing bands and fans alike couldn't stop Tweeting about during the day-long festival--how freaking hot it was outside. As temps climbed past 100 degrees, brave concertgoers (and musicians) took to Twitter to vent about the blistering conditions. Maybe next year, the venue will figure out how to keep people cooler, but for now, you can read what people were buzzing about during and after the show.

@spencerbastian- Phoenix Warped Tour is a true test of human endurance. I'm having trouble standing but I've got to keep moving.

@djshiny- this 108 degree heat is heavy on the soul, but I'll still be partying in the warped tour parking lot with @LOPnation Phoenix let's do this!

@chrisxacosta- Love that everyone with a iphone who's on warped tour is posting screen shots of the temperature in phoenix today haha

@Chris_Coffel- I don't think I could ever make it through another warped tour in Phoenix again. Soooo hot!

- Watching our boys in @nbrband kill it right now! Who's at phoenix warped tour?! Come say hello!

@guppybear- Warped tour and phoenix heat do not mix.

@jessebarrera- Today I am thankful to not be in a band on Warped Tour. It's 104 degrees in Phoenix today. May the force be with all of you.

- At warped tour in phoenix sweating my balls off xD

@whoaitsariana- altec lansing rocks on warped tour in phoenix!

- News flash! Members of We Are The In Crowd die from heat exhaustion running Warped Tour line in Phoenix... 110 degrees fml.

@Anarbor- It's a beautiful 109 degrees in Phoenix today. Who's excited for Warped Tour!?!

@TspRiley- my hair is salty and hard. thanks warped tour.

@PaulRPatrick- Ok..I quit today at the Warped Tour..What freakin idiot would choose to have a show in 111 Degrees.. outdoors..I won't put up with it..

@kilerclickphoto- Warped tour is great! Really hot today!:(

@itssamanthah- Talked to Christopher Drew..(: and basically got killed. Haha I love Warped Tour (:

- Warped tour is awesome met of couple of my fav bands.(:

@citllyXD- Warped Tour was ok. I guess. :-V

@MrAPx4- warped tour was insane! i love phoenix but i hate your weather!

@lalalaSonny- warped tour was the freakin bomb ;D other than the hot heat in phoenix :/

@poppunk4evr- AAAH!! today was the best day of my life =D at WARPED TOUR PHOENIX AZ!!!! sigh i think if i died in the next 8 minutes i would die happy =D

@alexandroid11- One of the worst experiences of the year is also one of the best. I mean you, Warped Tour Phoenix.

@rainahhh- I survived Warped Tour!!! god, it was crazy but awesome. saw 9 bands in all but daaaang even though this is my hometown Phoenix is H-O-T!!

@SeeforYourself- (Angelo) Fishbone played w/ us in phoenix warped tour! WOW!!!! He jumped in on bass sax and we rocked!

@RyHavok- Phoenix Warped Tour was soooo intense today!

@ErickJoJoRios- No city can outdo Phoenix Arizona On warped tour! We rock all day on 111° weather. Today was Rad =]

@_savannahlove- So for my first tweet under this account, all i can say is The Rocket Summer at warped tour today was so inspirational. I am so glad I went.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.