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Vans Warped Tour in Photos

By Jonathan McNamara

A day of punk-rocking, T-shirt purchasing and baking in the summer sun drew to a close as Gym Class Heroes rapped one last song into the Phoenix night. The sweat-drenched fury that is the Vans Warped Tour was over for another year.

But fret not, Warped Tour Fans. You still have your memories and just in case that's not enough here are a couple of slide shows for you to check out.

Vans Warped Tour at Cricket Wireless Pavilion

See shots from performances by Say Anything, Against Me, Mayday Parade, Gym Class Heroes, and The Academy Is...

My girlfriend made me watch this emo band or how to survive Vans Warped Tour

Several of the sets on Warped Tour featured picture-perfect boys, screaming female fans and their boyfriends reluctantly along for the ride. Check out these grumpy significant others and a few other oddities from the Vans Warped Tour

Podcast: Vans Warped Tour Primer

If you still need more, check out our Wednesday podcast post featuring six tracks from Vans Warped Tour artists Between the Trees, Forever the Sickest Kids, Beat Union, The Color Fred, Pierce the Veil and 3OH!3.

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Jonathan McNamara