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This is the first release from local music maven Will "Vil Vodka" Tynor's Vodka Tonic Media, and rather than highlight the talents of one band via a studio album, Tynor's opted to showcase the sounds of six Arizona bands on this quirky comp. The synthesizer-saturated "Come On Feel It," a previously unreleased track by Tempe-based disco punk band Destruction Unit, is followed by the "Beyond Exquisite Mix" of Blanche Davidian's "Petunia" (from its Attack of the Killer album). The remix, particularly impressive considering that BD's known as a straight-up punk band, renders "Petunia" a spacy, bouncy club cut fit for any darkwave dance floor, complete with the cheerleader chant ripped from Toni Basil's '80s hit "Mickey." Digital Leather's "Dance 'Til Dead (Fatal Seduction Version)" sounds like an early Alien Sex Fiend song, stripped of all frills except the relentless bass line, creepy keyboards, and hypnotic vocals. All of the mixes bring a fresh sound to some old songs, but there are also some fresh cuts here. Billy Druid (a former member of anti-pop bands Tit Wrench and Battalion of Saints) contributed a new song ("Carpe Nocturne") with his band Billy Druid's Atomic Gospel, as did Phoenix quartet Sex for Cigarettes, whose "Boom Stomp Crash" sounds like an early '80s electro-goth number (think Joy Division snorting poppers around a boom box). The final cut is The Cutters' "Fuck Pain," an industrial-dance foray similar to what Ministry did in its early days, à la With Sympathy. The only complaint we can make about this CD is that there aren't more tracks.
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