Vattnet Viskar Describe Their Sound as "An Obnoxiously Loud Coldplay" to People Who Don't Get It

Since 2010 New Hampshire-bred metal band Vattnet Viskar has adroitly melded all sorts of metal: sludge, atmospheric, black, and the mixture has impressed crowds in dark, dingy venues all over the country.

Two EPs deep and their debut full-length album in the works through Century Media Records, Vattnet Viskar come off as amazingly self-assured for such a young black metal band. Up on the Sun talked with guitarist Chris Alfieri about the origin of the band's name, their musical influences, and what he wants to do on Halloween.

Up On The Sun: Your band's name is Swedish for "the water whisperers." What's the story behind that?

Chris Alfieri: The basis for the band came from Nick [Thornbury, vocals/guitar] and myself trading ideas back and forth. And the idea for the name came from an AIM screen name of all things. You know, like, away messages and passive aggressive profiles. Ah, the early 2000s. Anyway, we liked the idea and thought it fit at the time and kind've just stuck with it.

Where do you pull influences from for the band's atmospheric black/doom metal style?

All four of us listen to a slightly different variety of music. We all enjoy a variety of styles, but when it comes to metal bands, we draw a lot from bands like Isis, Ash Borer, and Celeste. Any recording that creates a feeling, to be honest.

What are bands you are currently listening to?

On tour, your musical tastes switch to classic records and mostly non-metal offerings i.e. a lot of Bob Seger. Current bands, though: The new Bosse de Nage record is amazing, new Torche, Converge, and Mountain Goats, too.

Are you guys currently working on new material?

Yes! After this ridiculous tour we'll be heading into the studio to record our full-length debut for Century Media. No definitive plans yet date-wise, but should see a late spring release in 2013. We're extremely excited.

How would you describe your band and the sound to someone who wasn't familiar with heavy metal?

I just tell people that we're loud and atmospheric. Usually a person with mild intelligence can figure out what I'm saying. If they're really not getting it, an obnoxiously loud Coldplay works well.

Any sacrificial offerings planned for Halloween? We're playing a show in Idaho that night; trying to figure out the costume idea but it'll be a good one. Personally, I always put on a good Type O Negative album and enjoy the movie marathon on AMC.

Vattnet Viskar is scheduled to perform Saturday, October 27, at the Red Owl.

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