Venue 104 Opens Tonight With a Solid Lineup of Local Bands, But No Booze

They might have a solid lineup slated for tonight's grand opening, but Venue 104 won't be getting boozy for the next few weeks. 

The combination art space, music venue, theater, coffee house, bar and restaurant will actually only be the first three things in that list tonight, as they host locals Dearspeak, Captain Squeegee, Obadiah Parker, Executives, Riot for Romance and Instructions for their inaugural show.

The venue just recieved its eating and dining permit this morning, which didn't leave ample time for Peck to prepare. Instead, they'll be offering non-alcoholic beverages and h'orderves, but nothing that's on the actual menu. 

"And you can tell people ... that the owner is pissed about it," Peck says. 

We hear there's a little place across the street where you can satiate your thirsty liver before the free show starts at 6:30 p.m. called Devil's Advocate. Just sayin'.

Best of luck from Up on the Sun to Peck and the crew at Venue 104. The ASU area has been in dire need of an all ages local-focused venue for quite some time. Get out there and show your support tonight.

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