It's no secret the devilish dance demons of Sadisco hate Tranzylvania. Besides nursing a grudge over how an overzealous bouncer at the popular weekly goth night allegedly broke Sadisco member Dark Father's arm last year, members of the freaky faction of DJs and party fiends feel Tranzylvania is "boring and repetitive," and "lines the pockets of some rich club owner." Consequently, Sadisco is presenting Vex*a*tion every Friday at Mardi Gras, 8040 East McDowell Road in Scottsdale, as an alternative for the goth and industrial crowd. Toby Heidebrink (a.k.a. Squalor) says each week's lineup offers a different combination of a Sadisco spinster (including himself, 5arah, ///she////, and others), a DJ from AZ Hardcore Junkies, and a special guest turntablist (the roster on Friday, November 17, features Blonde Noize). "It's a revolving DJ thing so you'll never hear the same monotonous set of music," says Heidebrink. "There's gonna be lots of harsh and dark dance music like industrial, drum 'n' bass, hardcore, goth, EBM, and aggro." Sounds like there's already enough aggro going on, brah. The 21-and-over event starts at 8 p.m. The cover is "$3 if you're cool, $4 if you're an asshole." See www.myspace.com/vex_a_tion for weekly lineups.
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