Via Vengeance, Oldest Bands by Genre, and The Minibosses in This Week's Issue

This week's feature talks about the nature of touring, and how A Storm of Light and Via Vengeance got their upcoming tour together.

"Uh, I think someone at our label talked to someone at their label. I'm not really sure."

Interview enough bands coming through town, and you'll eventually just quit asking how a particular tour came together...
That's what makes the upcoming tour by A Storm of Light and Via Vengeance so unique. more...

Also, we've got features on The Minibosses celebrating 10 years together  the oldest continuously running bands in different genres.

Oh, and we've got show previews for Nick Oliveri, Blues Blast, Sound Tribe Sector 9, The Appleseed Cast, and Zac Brown Band.

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