Vic Chesnutt Tributes Pour in from Musicians, Journalists, Fans

Vic Chesnutt Tributes Pour in from Musicians, Journalists, Fans

It's been a slooow news week around the music-oriented blogosphere. In fact, several blogs, like our friends at Electric Mustache, have just taken the rest of the year off. We're soldiering on and reading over some of the many funny and fascinating pieces on wheel chair-bound indie-folk scion Vic Chesnutt, who committed suicide just before Christmas. I saw Chesnutt perform with Elf Power last November and was blissful after the very, very impressive show, as you can read here. Truly, it felt to me like Chesnutt and Elf Power were doing us, the crowd, a favor by coming here to play, which is a feeling I get very infrequently. His talent will be missed; I hope he found peace.

STORY: Vic Chesnutt R.I.P.

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