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Video Premiere: Bogan Via, "Afternoon Wonderland"

Tempe-based dream pop band Bogan Via has been picking up steam. Just last month the duo released its anticipated EP, Wait Up, and now they've added a sleek black-and-white video for one of the album's standout cuts, the Lee and Nancy-styled "Afternoon Wonderland."

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Up on the Sun is proud to debut the video today.

Assembled by Tempe-based director David Dilley of production company Tea, Earl Grey, Hot (

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) the clip features the band performing its demure folk jam as miniatures in a box, as a crew of socialites gaze on (including

President Gator

himself, Jeremiah Gratza).

There's also cut scenes of a cute little girl frolicking around in the grass, for added adorable points. Wait Up is available now from Common Wall Media.

Bogan Via is scheduled to perform Thursday, December 20, at Crescent Ballroom.

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