Video Roundup: Bangs, Justin Bieber, Violent JJ

Sometimes a new video comes along and hogs all the internet headlines for a week -- sometimes even two may share the limelight. Not this week. No sir, this week there are three -- three -- magical new music videos for your skewed viewing pleasure.

Violent JJ, the son of Insane Clown/world-renowned scientist Violent J, lead things off last week with his music video/wrestling demo "Bad, Bad Man." Then came along Justin Bieber and a video for his take on the Cardigans classic "Lovefool," "Love Me." It should be noted that "Love Me" is for the fans only. Bringing up the rear is the slickest Sudanese-born rapper in the game right now -- Bangs. He just released a video for his summer jam "Meet Me on Facebook." 

All three videos are amazing in their own right -- evidence of which is after the jump.

So essentially we have the spawn of an Insane Clown Posse member "rapping" the chorus of a song John Cena already recorded -- all set to images of Violent JJ in the squared circle. Brilliant.

Here we have Justin Bieber's "version" of The Cardigans 1996 song "Lovefool." Is this how a pop music artist covers a song -- inexplicably choppy with lots of autotune? You crazy for this one, Bieber fans.

Finally, we have Bangs. We first met this young man when he tried to win our affection by taking us to the movies. Then Honda tapped him for a commercial. Now he's doing some pretty healthy Facebook stalking. The Summer jam of 2010, meet Bangs. You two will forever be linked.

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Michael Lopez