Vincent Gallo's Band Coming to Rogue Bar

File this one under: Review at your own risk.

Vincent Gallo, the Chloë Sevigny sex tape Brown Bunny director who famously put a hex on Roger Ebert's prostate after the Pulitzer-winning critic panned said flick, is coming to Rogue Bar on Friday, November 19 with his band RRIICCEE.

While Ebert didn't die of prostate cancer within 16 months as Gallo asked The Dark Lord Cheney (or whoever you contract with to make such curses) he's had a hard battle with thyroid cancer that's left him without the ability to speak or eat.

So, ummm, I'll go ahead and say now that you should go see the Gallo's show and I'll also go ahead and declare it awesome, sight unseen.

You're the man, Vinny!

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